1t.org offers companies the opportunity to make transparent and accountable their pledge towards conserving, restoring and growing trees and forests over the coming decade. Corporates commit to ecological and social responsibility across their planning, implementation and monitoring activities, and to report on progress annually. Companies are only eligible to pledge if they have committed to set an emissions reduction target aligned with the Paris Agreement.

Read the 1t.org Pledge Charter to find out more.


*The pledge numbers below focus on private sector pledges only. They include private sector pledges made at a global level (details for each company can be found below on this page), and private sector pledges made via our regional chapters 1t.org US and 1t.org China, details of which can be found on the respective websites.

We use an average of 620 trees/ha based on Crowther et al. Nature (2015) to estimate total trees pledges. We recognise this is an approximation.

(Last update on 2 May 2024)

Pledge Tracker

  • 85 Companies
  • 9.4 billion* Trees
  • 143 Countries

1t.org pledgers track and report the implementation of their pledges on an annual basis. The private sector’s aggregate impact on the trillion trees movement is captured in the 1t.org Implementation Dashboard.

Implementation dashboard

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The companies taking action

The 1t.org US Chapter also features pledges from US-based companies, NGOs, civil society organizations, cities, states and other organizations implementing actions in the US.

The 1t.org China Action also features pledges from China-based companies implementing actions in China.