Growing 7 million trees for creating a resilient environment

Pledge by

Vedanta Limited

7 million trees grown in sensitive ecosystems under company stewardship to ensure communities benefit from ecosystem services

Restoring & Growing
This pledge will take place from
2020 to 2030
India, South Africa

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Pledge overview

Mining, ore processing, metal extraction, power generation activities have the potential to affect ecological habitats and biodiversity, both directly and indirectly. Vedanta's operations are located within or at close proximity to regions with significant conservation values with regards to forest areas, arid areas, habitats of IUCN threatened species etc. and could impact sensitive species and their habitats. Our Biodiversity Policy and management standards ensure that we minimise and mitigate biodiversity risks throughout our operations and strive to avoid adverse impacts on the natural habitat. We collaborate with partners and Indigenous peoples to create integrated land use, habitat protection, restoration strategies and apply the biodiversity mitigation hierarchy to prevent, reduce, recover, or offset our impact on the environment.

All our operations have biodiversity management plans that we will keep putting into practice over the many years to meet our strategic aim of working to ensure a no net loss (NNL) net positive impact (NPI) on biodiversity in regions affected by our activities.

Achieving NNL/NPI implies that biodiversity losses resulting from the effects of our operations are balanced/outweighed by biodiversity benefits gained via mitigation efforts in the locations where we operate. We hereby pledge to plant 7 million trees by 2030 and protect them until attaining maturity to further contribute to our sustainability objectives.

Actions in this pledge

  • Restoring and growing trees and forest landscapes

    Supporting actions
    Re-establishment of forest through planting and/or deliberate seeding on land classified as forest, that has been degraded or where trees are unlikely to regenerate naturally
    Activities that establish and manage the integration of trees into agricultural landscapes, silvopastoral systems, farming in forests and along forest margins and tree-crop production
    Mangrove restoration
    Establishment or enhancement of mangroves along coastal areas and in estuaries
    Additional details

    Vedanta aims to monitor its restoration activities by tracking the number of trees planted or area of coverage through third-party engagement, providing annual progress updates on tree growth and survival rates and the number of trees attaining maturity. Livelihood generation and maintaining ecosystem services will also be monitored.

    Restoring & Growing

    7 million

Our ecologically and socially responsible approach

We are working with IUCN & ERM for protecting and enhancing biodiversity values and maintaining ecosystem services at our asset locations.

Our results tracking

Ecological metrics

Clean water, Soil and Air, Biodiversity

Social metrics

Livelihoods, Improve quality of living through sustained ecosystem services.

Our partners

Vedanta and associate partners

Our locations

We are working at locations across India and South Africa.