The US Chapter of has mobilized ambitious pledges to conserve, restore and grow trees from a diverse range of corporations, NGOs, and state and local governments…

US overview

Why the US

The US underwent intensive deforestation as the nation developed into the world’s largest economy. Despite this, the country now has more forest cover than it did 100 years ago. But it still has a long way to go to reach its reforestation goals. Through its financial resources and renewed interest in reforestation, the US can play a major role not only for its national forests, but also globally.

Our Focus

The US Chapter facilitates the leadership of US-based companies, non-profits, governments and individuals to help reach its goals with unprecedented scale and speed. Since launching, the US Chapter has mobilized pledges to conserve, restore and grow more than 955 million trees to cover 2.8 million acres by 2030 -- including billions of dollars pledged towards supporting activities such as workforce development, nursery capacity, technological tools and financing mechanisms. Pledges are accepted on an ongoing basis. To submit a pledge, please visit

US: How we work

How we work

The US Chapter of is co-led by the World Economic Forum and American Forests, the United States’ oldest conservation organization. Launched in August 2020, the chapter is supported by the US Stakeholder Council: a multi-stakeholder, bipartisan group of senior representatives from across the public and private sector.

Together with pledging entities, the Stakeholder Council collaborates through working groups on key topics of interest.