Around 35% of Europe is covered by forests, making it one of the most forest-rich regions in the world and home to a quarter of the world’s forests. In 2020, these forests sequestered 155 million tons of carbon. In the same year, the forest-based sector in the EU generated €23.2 billion and provided jobs for 3.5 million people. Forest cover has increased over the past decades, but European forests are facing unprecedented challenges due to climate change and unsustainable practices.

Europe Overview

Why Europe?

European forests are vulnerable to climate change. In Europe, the forest restoration and conservation movement has gained momentum.

The historic new EU Nature Restoration Law sets a target for the EU to restore at least 20% of its land and sea areas by 2030. This law also demands a positive trend in several indicators in forest ecosystems and an additional 3 billion trees to be grown. There is therefore an opportunity to support European forests to increase their resilience.

Our Focus Europe will support the further development of resilient forests for future generations; facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue and mobilize finance for forest resilience; and facilitate structured public-private partnerships (PPPs) to support coordinated restoration at scale.