Burberry's 10000 Trees Forest and 228 Acres Mangrove Project

Pledge by

Burberry (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd

Burberry will plant 10,000 poplar-based mixed forests in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China, conserve and restore 228 acres of mangroves from 2022 to 2024 in Hainan Province, China.

Conserving, Restoring & Growing, Enabling
This pledge will take place from
2022 to 2025

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Pledge overview

In Ejinagi Banner of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Burberry will set up the "Belt and Road" Poplar Forest Restoration - Burberry Public Welfare Afforestation Program "Xiao Shu Miao", planting 10,000 mixed saplings with poplar forests as the main species. In Chengmai County of Hainan Province, Burberry will conserve and restore mangrove from 2022 to 2024, planning to increase 38 acres of mangrove and restore 38 acres of existing mangrove annually. In total, 114 acres of lands will be returned to wetlands and 114 acres of mangroves will be restored in three years.

Among them, the projects in Hainan were officially launched in the fourth quarter of 2022, and Burberry will cooperate with Hainan Reform and Development Research Foundation, a 4A-level public welfare organization in Hainan, to carry out the implementation work. Under the guidance and support from the Forestry Bureau of Hainan Province, the Department of Education of Hainan Province, and the Bureau of International Economic Development of Hainan Province, these projects will conserve the island's ecosystems such as tropical rainforests, mangroves and other ecological habitats. The main content of these projects includes artificial measures to remove harmful species, educative activities regarding tropical rainforests and mangroves, and supporting relevant mangrove conservation and restoration work in key cities and counties.

Actions in this pledge

  • Conserving trees and forest landscapes

    Supporting actions
    Conservation support activities
    Support the operating costs and activities of existing conservation areas, including advocacy for conservation policy
    Additional details

    Main conservation activities include supporting relevant mangrove conservation work in key cities and counties.


  • Restoring and growing trees and forest landscapes

    Supporting actions
    Assisted natural regeneration
    Actions that support natural regeneration without tree planting, such as Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration, forest soil remediation, exotic species control, disease prevention, and wildfire protection
    Re-establishment of forest through planting and/or deliberate seeding on land classified as forest, that has been degraded or where trees are unlikely to regenerate naturally
    Mangrove restoration
    Establishment or enhancement of mangroves along coastal areas and in estuaries
    Additional details

    Restoration and planting activities include:

    1) Planting 10,000 poplar-based mixed saplings in Ejinagi Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region;

    2) Implementing mangrove restoration project in Chengmai County, Hainan, for three consecutive years from 2022 to 2024, to increase a total amount of 114 acres of wetlands, and to restore a total amount of 114 acres of mangrove forests during these three years. Activities include species control, tailored support to projects in key counties, etc.

    Restoring & Growing

    Land area
    224 acres
  • Enabling activities for trees and forest landscapes

    Supporting actions
    Education and capacity building
    Forest / tree species conservation and restoration education programmes, targeted educational and behaviour change campaigns, training and capacity building, including promotion of local and traditional knowledge and practices
    Youth engagement
    Engagement of young people and/or youth networks to catalyse a restoration generation
    Additional details

    Main enabling activities include:

    1) Educative activities on tropical rainforests, mangrove protection, to enhance the awareness of primary and secondary school students through the combination of online real-life lessons and offline thematic competitions;

    2) Tailored support to relevant cities and counties to strengthen their capacity to conserve, manage and restore mangrove forests, as well as to consolidate the functioning of the ecological services of existing local mangrove forests.


Our ecologically and socially responsible approach

Poplar-based forest planting activities will be carried out under the guidance of the China Green Foundation; Mangrove conservation and restoration will be carried out under the guidance and support of the Hainan Forestry and Grassland Bureau.

Our partners

1. China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

2. China Green Foundation

3. Hainan Reform and Development Research Foundation

Our locations

We are working at locations across China.

We are working in Ejinagi Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China and Chengmai County, Hainan Province, China.