Green Harmony: A Million Trees for Sustainable Tomorrow

Pledge by

RPG Group

Enabling a Sustainable Tomorrow

Conserving, Restoring & Growing
This pledge will take place from
2020 to 2030

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Pledge overview

In our relentless pursuit of enriching lives and spreading joy, every business decision within RPG Group is guided by a philosophy that extends beyond profits — it is about contributing to a brighter, happier world. Our diversified business interests converge around a singular goal: enabling a sustainable tomorrow. This commitment is not a mere echo of corporate responsibility but a profound testament to our dedication to nature positivity.

This nature-positive approach is manifested through concrete actions across our business entities. Several of our businesses have already set decarbonization goals, as we diligently work towards building efficiency in our factories, reducing energy utilization in our offices, and creating greener products and infrastructure. Our commitment is not just to meet industry standards but to exceed them, shaping a future where sustainability is not a choice but a way of being.

As stewards of positive change, our philanthropy has historically been focused on addressing real needs and creating happier communities. This pledge to grow a million trees seamlessly aligns with our philanthropic endeavours, growing the seeds of change for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Beyond numerical targets, this pledge reflects our commitment to positively impact the communities in the areas we operate, ensuring that the legacy of joy and prosperity extends to every corner of our reach.

The RPG Group aims to grow these million trees in the regions we work in – Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Rajasthan – with the aim that RPGians can nurture and grow these trees. We aim to add to the green cover in the region and find ways to maximise benefits to the community as well as the environment.

Why trees? Because they symbolize more than just a greener environment; they represent life, growth, and interconnectedness. This is our commitment to a sustainable future — a future where every tree growed is a testament to our dedication to a brighter, happier, and greener world.

Our aim is to join hands in cultivating a future where harmony with nature leads to prosperity and joy for all.

Actions in this pledge

  • Conserving trees and forest landscapes

    Supporting actions
    Permanent conservation
    Secure a forest through acquisition or legal agreement to avoid planned or unplanned deforestation or degradation, and/or ensure permanent conservation of land


  • Restoring and growing trees and forest landscapes

    Supporting actions
    Re-establishment of forest through planting and/or deliberate seeding on land classified as forest, that has been degraded or where trees are unlikely to regenerate naturally
    Activities that establish and manage the integration of trees into agricultural landscapes, silvopastoral systems, farming in forests and along forest margins and tree-crop production
    Mangrove restoration
    Establishment or enhancement of mangroves along coastal areas and in estuaries

    Restoring & Growing


Our ecologically and socially responsible approach

We will align with references provided by the team, and incorporate them in our discussion and planning with our implementation partners.

Our partners

RPG Foundation (non-profit CSR arm of RPG group)

Our locations

We are working at locations across India.

Predominant geographical area will be India based, in the states and provinces (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Rajasthan) where RPG group companies with office / businesses / factory presence. This can expand to other national/international locations based on future roadmap.