"Zero deforestation" in raw material procurement and eliminate the risk of forest loss in the primary production areas of soft commodities

Pledge by

China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited

By planting trees and achieving a "zero deforestation" supply chain, we contribute to the protection of forests in places like Brazil, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Restoring & Growing, Enabling
This pledge will take place from
2023 to 2030
Argentina, Brazil, China

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Pledge overview

Mengniu is committed to preserving natural ecosystems, and we embrace "Nurturing Nature, Together in Blossom" as our biodiversity conservation vision. We deeply recognize the ecological value of forests and their positive role in combating climate change. Mengniu's subsidiary, China Modern Dairy Holding Ltd, utilizes idle land for tree planting and afforestation activities, continuously improving the resilience of ecosystem. We also oppose any improper commercial activities that harm forest resources and consider forest conservation a crucial action in implementing Mengniu's sustainable development strategy. We look forward to working together with our industry partners to ensure the harmonious development of business and nature.

We manage our factories and ranch operations to eliminate deforestation risks caused by our own operations. In 2022, Mengniu promoted the planting of over 200,000 trees on cooperative ranches. We also monitor and manage the timber, palm oil, and soybean products in our supply chain that may involve deforestation risks. We are committed to achieving "zero deforestation" by 2030 and strive to eliminate forest loss risks in our supply chain, contributing to forest conservation with the strength of Mengniu.

Actions in this pledge

  • Restoring and growing trees and forest landscapes

    Supporting actions
    Activities that establish and manage the integration of trees into agricultural landscapes, silvopastoral systems, farming in forests and along forest margins and tree-crop production
    Other restoration and tree growing activities
    The company may also mobilize its employees to participate in tree planting activities at specific time points.
    Additional details

    In 2022, Mengniu partnered with various civil society organizations, institutions, and companies including the China Environmental Protection Foundation, the All - China Environmental Protection Federation, and the China Three Gorges Corporation to jointly issue the "Supporting Afforestation to Protect the Earth and Aid China's Contribution to Global Environmental Governance" initiative. We actively responded to China's goal of planting and conserving 70 billion trees within 10 years, mobilizing and supporting a wide range of sectors in participating in actions to green and protect the Earth, contributing to the protection of global biodiversity and collective efforts to address climate change. In 2022, Mengniu promoted the planting of over 200,000 trees on cooperative ranches.

    Mengniu's subsidiary, China Shengmu Organic Milk Limited, adheres to the philosophy of "appropriate grass and appropriate forest" and practices industrial desert control. They are dedicated to creating an ecological environment where "business and nature coexist." By planting trees and establishing organic grasslands, we have transformed deserts into oases, constructing an organic ecological circle within the desert. This has improved the local ecological environment and biodiversity while enhancing the desert region's ability to adapt to climate change.

    Mengniu's subsidiary, China Modern Dairy Holding Ltd, utilizes idle land for tree planting and afforestation activities, continuously improving the resilience of ecosystem.

    Restoring & Growing

  • Enabling activities for trees and forest landscapes

    Supporting actions
    Sustainable forest management
    Activities that support the stewardship and use of forests (including by local communities and indigenous peoples), to maintain their biological diversity, productivity, and regeneration capacity, as well as their potential to fulfil relevant ecological economic and social functions
    Data collection, management and technological tools
    Activities that provide data and/or technological tools to support conservation and restoration (e.g. monitoring etc.)
    Other enabling activities
    Collaborate with industrial supply chain partners to promote a zero deforestation supply chain and advances forest protection in the sourcing areas of raw materials.
    Additional details

    Mengniu manages its own factories and ranch operation areas to eliminate the deforestation risks caused by its own operations. It also monitors and manages timber, palm oil, and soybean products in the supply chain that are associated with deforestation risks. Mengniu is committed to striving for "zero deforestation" by 2030, aiming to eliminate deforestation risks in its supply chain, and contributing its efforts to forest protection.


Our ecologically and socially responsible approach

In future project implementation, Mengniu will uphold a responsible attitude towards the ecosystem and biodiversity protection of the project site. We will prioritize the local social context to ensure that the project does not have any negative impacts on the local ecology and community.

The development process of the "Mengniu Forest Protection Policy" took reference from authoritative documents such as the "Glasgow Leaders' Declaration on Forests and Land Use."

Mengniu encourages suppliers to obtain internationally recognized third-party certifications, such as FSC/PEFC/CFCC Sustainable Forest Certification, RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil Certification, and RTRS Responsible Soy Certification and etc.

Mengniu complies with the laws, regulations, rules, and standards such as the “Forest Law of the People's Republic of China" and its implementing regulations, as well as relevant laws and regulations in the regions and countries where its business operates. This ensures zero deforestation risks associated with the development, operation, and cessation for all of Mengniu's factories and ranches.

In the upcoming project implementation, Mengniu will actively adhere to principles recognized by the China Green Foundation or global standards such as the IUCN's Nature-Based Solutions Global Standard for Addressing Global Challenges and Forest Landscape Restoration Guidance Principles.

Our partners

China Shengmu Organic Milk Limited, China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd

Our locations

We are working at locations across Argentina, Brazil, and China.