Preserve and restore connectivity corridors in Frontera's areas of operations

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Preserve, protect, restore and maintain 2,500 hectares up to 2027 in environmental strategic areas around Frontera’s operation blocks

Restoring & Growing
This pledge will take place from
2019 to 2027

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Pledge overview

Frontera Life and Ecosystems Program is aligned with the SDGs and whose purpose is the conservation and protection of strategic areas, focused on 4 lines of intervention:
1. Purchase of land in the upper areas of watersheds to contribute to the preservation of water resources and biodiversity in these areas.
2. Sustainable land-use projects, whose objective is the connectivity of forest fragments for the movement, feeding and reproduction of threatened species. To facilitate these connectivity processes, the company will develop and carry out different projects such as silvopastoril, agroforestry and beekeeping, together with landowners, to leave more areas for forestation and restoration.
3. Reforestation and restoration processes in environmentally strategic areas for the ecosystems present in Frontera's areas of operation.
4. Environmental promotion are activities that are part of the change of culture in the communities to help create and develop sustainable conservation projects while incubating capacity in the territory, which enable people to find the possibilities and opportunities to execute projects which are both environmentally and economically beneficial to them.

Actions in this pledge

  • Restoring and growing trees and forest landscapes

    Supporting actions
    Assisted natural regeneration
    Actions that support natural regeneration without tree planting, such as Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration, forest soil remediation, exotic species control, disease prevention, and wildfire protection
    Re-establishment of forest through planting and/or deliberate seeding on land classified as forest, that has been degraded or where trees are unlikely to regenerate naturally
    Activities that establish and manage the integration of trees into agricultural landscapes, silvopastoral systems, farming in forests and along forest margins and tree-crop production
    Watershed protection and erosion control
    Establishment and enhancement of forests on very steep sloping land, along water courses, in areas that naturally flood and around critical water bodies
    Additional details

    Timeline of restoring and growing trees and forest landscape (in hectares)

    2023: 803
    2024: 1,000
    2025: 642
    2026: 55

    Restoring & Growing

    Land area
    2500 ha

Our ecologically and socially responsible approach

From the point of view of ecological responsibility, the species selected for planting are always native species and in some cases are selected from lists kept by the Regional Environmental Authorities; different species are never introduced.
From the point of view of social responsibility, we seek to leave installed capacity with the implementation of sustainable projects. Additionally, these projects are built on a voluntary agreement between the parties, where the landowners are the ones who express their environmental and production needs and expectations on the land and Frontera joins this with its connectivity strategy. On the other hand, it is important to clarify that the company hires local labor, uses local goods and services for reforestation activities.

We use the guidelines established by the Colombian Environmental Authority.

Our results tracking

Monitoring will be done via weekly progress reports, monthly milestone compliance reports, six-monthly compliance reports to the Environmental Authority, follow-up meetings with contract managers and field monitoring visits.

Ecological metrics

Number of hectares reforested, Number of hectares of silvopastoral and agroforestry projects, Number of conservation agreements signed with landowners

Social metrics

Number of jobs, Number of sustainable use projects implemented

Our partners

Frontera works with different strategic allies for the implementation of each of the lines of intervention of its environmental program of Life and Ecosystems, among them:

1. Purchase of land: Garcia and Valderrama asociados.
2. Sustainable use projects: Fundación Amanecer, Corporación montañas, Alianza compensaciones orinoquía, Fundación Orinoquía Biodiversa, Bosques, suelos y agua.
3. Reforestation and restoration processes: Refocosta; Yanapaquí; Lupal; Ecologic; Forests, soils and water.
4. Environmental promotion lessons: Inandina.

Our locations

We are working at locations across Colombia.

Locations are Orinoquia (Casanare and Meta departments), Putumayo and other areas.

The areas selected and to be selected respond to the characteristics associated with the watersheds from which Frontera draws water for its activities. They also respond to the priority areas of conservation interest defined by the Environment Agency, as well as the presence of strategic ecosystems to be protected in these areas. Finally, and very importantly, the projects are developed on land owned by landowners who have the will and desire to conserve the area.