Amazon overview

Why The Amazon

As the single largest tropical rainforest on the planet, home to 10% of the world’s species and 30 million people, establishing a sustainable bioeconomy in the Amazon in a way that protects and restores the forest while assuring livelihoods for its inhabitants is crucial not only for the region but for the entire planet. Despite decades of effort, deforestation rates in the Amazon have not abated, yet countless opportunities exist to pave the way for a new model of sustainable livelihoods in harmony with the forest.

Our Focus is committed to facilitating regional and international collaborations to catalyze the financing and implementation of a sustainable bioeconomy in the Amazon, through the conservation and restoration of forest landscapes. We support the governments of the region in the implementation of the Leticia Pact, curate private sector engagement and dialogue around key enablers of investment into the region, and spotlight successful examples of ecopreneurship and restoration ready to scale.

Amazon: How we work