1t.org supports Africa’s Great Green Wall Initiative, a bold vision to restore 100 million hectares of degraded land across the continent…

Sahel overview

Why the Sahel / Great Green Wall

Africa’s Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative, led by the African Union Commission, is a bold vision to restore 100 million hectares of degraded land across the continent by 2030. In a region highly vulnerable to climate change, grappling with drought, resource scarcity, conflict and migration, at-scale landscape restoration is urgent to counter desertification and ensure livelihoods for a population largely dependent on agriculture.

Our Focus

1t.org is committed to supporting the restoration goal of the Great Green Wall with an initial focus on the Sahel region. As an action-oriented multi-stakeholder platform, 1t.org’s engagement centers around facilitating connectivity among critical stakeholders, supporting ecopreneurship and innovation, shining a spotlight on examples of successful landscape restoration in the region, and mobilizing the private sector for impact-driven partnerships.

Sahel: How we work

How we work

The 1t.org Regional Programme for the Sahel and Great Green Wall is co-led by 1t.org and SOS SAHEL, an international non-governmental organization founded in Senegal in 1976. SOS SAHEL has 45 years of experience in the field and operations in 11 countries across the Sahel, bringing together a network of over 1,000 actors from varied and complementary backgrounds.

To learn more about our work in the Sahel: