1t.org is curating a cross-industry alliance of companies committed to exercising leadership and integrity in forest conservation, restoration and reforestation, by raising ambition and delivering long-term impact.

Corporate Alliance overview

What the Alliance does

The Corporate Alliance offers a space to

  • Encourage credible private sector commitments towards conservation, restoration and reforestation

  • Exchange knowledge on priority topics with corporate peers and sector experts to facilitate learning on best practices

  • Apply the latest standards and tools for science-based implementation of commitments

  • Engage in partnerships to support implementation in 1t.org’s priority regions

How to engage

How to engage

The Corporate Alliance welcomes companies that are ready to play a leadership role in the space of forest conservation and restoration – whether they are already implementing their commitments and are ready to scale or have yet to formulate and develop a specific pledge that’s grounded in best practice.

We’d love to hear from you if you wish to learn more and are interested in joining.

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Investing in Forests

The conservation, restoration and sustainable management of forests could create $230 billion in business opportunities and 16 million jobs worldwide by 2030. How are companies from across industries collaborating to raise ambition and take action to restore forests?