Companies can join the Corporate Alliance, a cross-industry coalition committed to leadership, action, integrity, transparency, and learning related to forest conservation and restoration. also offers companies the opportunity to pledge their forest commitments, and supports them in their journey to improve the quality and ambition of their commitments.

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Corporate Alliance overview

Conserve, restore, grow

Make a pledge

Contribute to’s restoration efforts by making a company pledge to conserve, restore and grow forests.

This opportunity is open to companies that have committed to set a company-wide Paris Agreement-aligned emissions reduction target, such as a 1.5°C Science-Based Target or credible net-zero goal by or before 2050. Read the Pledge Charter to find out more.

How to engage

Join the Corporate Alliance

The Corporate Alliance welcomes companies that are ready to play a leadership role in the space of forest conservation and restoration – whether they are already implementing their commitments and are ready to scale, or have yet to formulate and develop a pledge. View our commitments and members here.

The Corporate Alliance offers a space to

  • Exchange knowledge on priority topics with corporate peers and sector experts

  • Learn about standards and tools for socially and ecologically responsible actions

  • Engage in partnerships to support’s priority regions

Find out more

Investing in Forests

The conservation, restoration and sustainable management of forests could create $230 billion in business opportunities and 16 million jobs worldwide by 2030. How are companies from across industries collaborating to raise ambition and take action to restore forests?

The Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub offers the corporate community curated knowledge and opportunities to share learnings and experiences to:

  • Encourage and support pledges to forest conservation and restorations actions

  • Inform the design and development of forest conservation and restoration strategies

  • Facilitate knowledge sharing between corporate peers, and foster learnings across different regions