Mexico is one of the most megadiverse countries in the world, home to 12% of the world’s biological diversity. Today about ten million people live in and from Mexico's forests, with 50% of that population being indigenous...

Mexico overview

Why Mexico

Mexico suffers from one of the highest rates of deforestation on the planet. With 180,000 hectares of forest lost per year and a third of its 194 million hectares of land already severely degraded. The loss of Mexico's forests is largely due to human activity, such as rural productive systems, which has accelerated the degradation of ecosystems and the loss of vegetation cover at an inordinate rate. Several initiatives have been developed to combat this forest loss and scale conservation and restoration efforts. One of the most recent coalitions is the formation of the Mexican Alliance for Ecosystem Restoration (AMERE), which is coordinated by three civil society organizations, Reforestamos Mexico, WRI Mexico and WWF Mexico. This alliance seeks to connect stakeholders, provide guidance on private and public sector restoration initiatives and drive investment in ecosystems.

Our Focus

The Mexico Chapter is led by the World Economic Forum and the Mexican Alliance for Ecosystem Restoration (AMERE), a national coalition between Reforestamos Mexico, WRI Mexico and WWF Mexico in support of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The chapter will offer Mexican-based companies the opportunity to make responsible commitments to conserve, restore and grow forests by pledging to and receive the opportunity to be part of AMERE's private sector working group on responsible restoration.

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